Monday, August 17, 2020

New Single Release: Shine Breaks The SIlence


Jason Brock Shine Single Cover

When the remix website launched it’s Break The Silence music event

in June, it was in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and it was a call to a

ction. The remix event called for musicians to resonate with a cause that has seen

solidarity protests organized all over the world. WIth his second single of the summer,

Shine, Jason Brock answered the call and shared the vocals for remixing worldwide.

-Excerpt from official IMAII Press Release

Listen to Shine on your favorite streaming platform.

Shine Lyrics I know there’s a way to love and rise above the things we’ve done I know we can drop the weight of fear and hate and change our fate. Cuz there’s a light inside your eyes Same as mine And over time We will find a way to shine beyond the color line. I know there’s a way to hope untie the rope that’s tied to choke I know we can lift the weight Set things straight it’s not too late There’s a wound that will not mend A hurt that’s deep and without end We must face the facts my friends And learn to make amends Bridge: Shine like Hendrix, and Marvin Gaye, Cornell West and MLK, Angela Davis and Beyonce, Tamika Mallory and John Coltrane. I know we can lift this up out of despair and breathe new air I know we can’t ignore what’s come before not anymore I know there’s a light inside your eyes Same as mine and we will find a way to shine. All rights reserved 2020 Vocals are available for remixing at

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Jason Brock YouTube Channel Launched

Dubbers and Rex Official Video release on YouTube launches Jason Brock's YouTube Channel.  It's the first video from Brock as he continues to push forward his art and music into chaos of 2020.

The video is self produced and tells the story of an alien lost on planet earth trying to find Art City where folks may be able to help find some meaning for life on a strange planet.  "We've come a long long way," the chorus line states, "and we have a long long way to go..."

Watch it now and take a ride in the spaceship of your mind.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Jason Brock Performs Pandemic Blues Live on YouTube

Jason Brock Pandemic Blues Pandora Promotional Image
Jason Brock, Pandemic Blues, Spotify Promotuon Image

Don't miss the live acoustic version of Pandemic Blues on Spinningmetkaba's YouTube channel.  Originally released under Creative Commons License featuring unreal_dm's source material, the remix caught the feel of sheltering in place during COVID-19.  Brock's solo performance is a one shot take and captures the essence of online music DIY style.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Jason Brock Reach Out On Spotify

Jason Brock's single "Reach Out" is receiving a lot of extra streams on Spotify and other music distribution networks since it's re-release ahead of his new album release due out this summer 2K20.

The song also helped launch Jason's new Soundcloud page Jason Brock Music.  The classic rock track is also receiving thousands of listens and reposts as retro vibe indie hit.

Like lyrics?  Reach Out hits home in today's post-pandemic climate of renewal and regeneration. 

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Reach Out
Jason Brock

On the pavement
In the dirt
Bruised and bleeding but never hurt
I know why you put us down
I think it's time to take a look around

Because the time has come to change
A new direction a different way
We can make it if we try
If we stand up we won't be denied

Reach out
Reach out to one another
Reach out to our friends
Reach out

In the cities and in the towns
In the country and all around
A new generation a new way of life
So put down your weapons and face the light

We gotta reach out

Help me baby
I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please

Reach out to one another

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How is Jason Brock getting 100K Spotify Streams?

Jason Brock Music Pandemic Blues Wearing Mask Image
Jason Brock, There's more than one reason to wear a mask, May 2020

A song I wrote and sang under my pseudonym Spinningmerkaba is approaching 100K streams on Spotify.  Kind of Girl is a vocal recording released under Creative Commons license and was remixed by Tiny Toon a few years back.  This is what I love about sharing music...Kind of Girl has gone viral.

It's a strange time to rekindle my music career, but this was one nice surprise that indicates that I've got listeners out there, and my job is to keep making good music and connecting with you.  I hope you are healthy supported and creative during COVID-19.  Keep listening to and discovering new music.

Thanks for you support!

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Listen to the original mix of Kind of Girl

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Jason Brock Has Returned

Jason Brock Music Blogger Post Image
Jason Brock, Drinking from the Mystery Spot Cup, 2018

I'm starting this blog to archive a new chapter in my music.  I've decided to record a new solo album with songs I've been writing over the last several years while pursuing other interests of mine.  I'll fill in the details along the way.

Right now, I'm building a new DAW.  Soon I'll be recording and documenting the process.  I'll be feeding my social network with content so be sure to follow my links on your favorite platforms.  I want your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  I'll do my best to respond and connect.

Now, let's make some music!

New Single Release: Shine Breaks The SIlence

  When the remix website launched it’s Break The Silence music event in June, it was in support of the Black Lives Matter movem...